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Germany Location Virtual Servers

We offer a fully equipped server solution with Intel Xeon E5-2690 v2 series server packages based in Germany.

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  • Selectable Operating System
  • Unlimited Traffic / 1 Gbps Port

Germany Location Virtual Servers

We offer a fully equipped server solution with Intel Xeon E5-2690 v2 series server packages based in Germany.

DE VDS 1 Intel Xeon E5-2690 V2
4 Core Processor
50 GB Nvme Disk Space
1 Gbps Port Speed
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DE VDS 2 Intel Xeon E5-2690 V2
6 Core Processor
75 GB Nvme Disk Space
1 Gbps Port Speed
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DE VDS 3 Intel Xeon E5-2690 V2
8 Core Processor
100 GB Nvme Disk Space
1 Gbps Port Speed
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Special Advantages for Our Customers!

Selectable Operating System

Operating systems such as Ubuntu, CentOS, AlmaLinux, Rocky and Windows

Backup Service

Our servers are backed up daily for free

Free DDoS Protection

You are under protection against all attacks with our special firewall system

One Click Installation

You can set up your server over and over again with one click

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always ready to answer any questions you may have.

What is VDS Virtual Server?

A VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) or virtual private server is a system created by virtualizing a physical server and hosting multiple virtual servers. VDS gives users a dedicated server experience, but shares resources virtually. Each virtual server is equipped with an independent operating system, resources and administration panel.

Who Are VDS Servers Suitable For?

VDS servers are an ideal solution for users with higher performance and customization needs, such as businesses, software developers, game server administrators, those running big data projects, and those with high-traffic websites.

What are the Advantages of VDS Servers?

High Performance: VDS servers offer high performance to users. Thanks to the virtual allocation of resources, users get more processing power, memory and bandwidth. This allows websites to load quickly and improve the user experience.

Possibility of Customization: VDS servers offer users the possibility of full customization and control. Users can specify the operating system, software and other configurations according to their own needs. This allows the server to be configured in a completely user-specific way.

Isolation and Security: VDS servers provide complete Decoupling between users. This prevents other users from affecting the resources on your server. In addition, VDS servers are equipped with firewalls and other security measures to minimize security vulnerabilities.

Scalability: VDS servers can be easily scaled as the business grows or traffic increases. It is possible to add more resources according to your needs or upgrade the server if necessary. This allows businesses to respond quickly to requests.

Cost Effectiveness: VDS servers are a more economical option than the cost of purchasing a physical server. Also, since it shares resources, costs are Decoupled even more among multiple users. This makes VDS servers a cost-effective hosting solution.

VDS servers are an ideal hosting solution for businesses, developers and high-traffic websites with advantages such as high performance, customization options, security and scalability. These advantages play an important role in meeting the requirements of customers and creating a successful online presence.

How to Provide Security on a VDS Server?

Firewall (Firewall): A firewall is a layer of protection that monitors network traffic and prevents unwanted access. Using a firewall on the VDS server provides protection against unwanted entries and prevents potential attacks.

Malware Scanning: It is important to regularly perform malware scans on the VDS server. This helps to detect viruses, trojans and other malware that can damage the server. You can increase the security of the server by using an up-to-date and reliable antivirus software.

Current Software and Patch Management: It is important that the operating system, web server software and other applications used on the VDS server are up-to-date. Current software fixes security vulnerabilities and allows you to be more resistant to attacks. In addition, regularly applying software patches also increases security.

Strong Password Policy: It is important to implement a strong password policy on the VDS server. Encouraging users to use complex and unique passwords reduces the risk of unauthorized access. It may also be useful to change passwords regularly and use additional security measures such as two-factor authentication (2 October).

Data Backup: Data backup provides the ability to restore data on the server if it is lost. By making regular data backups, you can protect your important data and ensure business continuity in case of possible data loss.

Monitoring and Logging: Using system and network monitoring tools on the VDS server, it is important to detect possible security breaches and abnormal activities. By checking log entries regularly, you can detect potential attacks or vulnerabilities at an early stage.

These measures are some general applications that can be used to improve security on the VDS server. However, the security requirements may be different in each case, so it is recommended to follow security best practices and hire someone specialized in security as a consultant.

Do You Provide an Administration Panel to Manage the Virtual Server?

Yes, there is a management panel to manage your virtual server. A special control panel is provided with our service where you can easily perform a series of operations such as installing, starting, stopping, restarting your server's operating system.

How Long Does It Take to Deliver a Server When I Order?

The management of our virtual server service is fully automated, so it only takes a few minutes from the moment you place your order to the activation of your server service. Thanks to this fast and efficient process, you can instantly access the virtual server your business needs and continue your activities uninterruptedly. Aiming to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, our service offers an ideal solution for your business to grow fast and strengthen its digital presence.

Do you install software?

It is entirely at the discretion and sincerity of our support team. We can offer the opportunity to help with the installation of basic software such as web hosting control panels.

What is VDS?

Virtual private servers (VDS) are one of the first choices for many individuals and organizations looking to manage their modern online presence. VDS, an acronym that stands for Virtual Private Server, offers many advantages to users. VDS divides the resources of a physical server into virtual partitions, allowing each to be managed as an independent private server. This allows users to choose the operating system of their choice, customize resources and have full control. VDS is often preferred for large websites, applications and special projects, providing higher performance, security and scalability. Through VDS, users can overcome the limitations of shared hosting and at the same time enjoy the flexibility of a dedicated server. This provides an ideal balance, especially for online services that need custom configurations or are resource intensive. VDS gives users broad control over shaping and growing their own online infrastructure. In addition, VDS provides a high level of customization, allowing users to create custom security policies, backup strategies and network configurations. With VDS, users can manage their online presence more effectively by building a custom online infrastructure that suits their needs.

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying VDS?

Purchasing a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages. VDS offers a specialized solution for those looking to manage their online presence. Advantages: Performance and Security: Compared to shared hosting, VDS provides higher performance and security. Users can benefit from the advantages of a dedicated server by having full access to their resources. Customization Capability: VDS allows users to choose their preferred operating system, customize resources, and manage general configurations. This grants the freedom to shape online assets according to specific needs. High Scalability: VDS offers flexibility in scaling resources based on needs. This allows users to increase or decrease resources as their business grows or as traffic fluctuates. Independence and Control: Each VDS is isolated from others, giving users complete control over their resources. This provides a higher level of independence, especially in terms of security. Disadvantages: Cost: VDS is generally more costly compared to shared hosting. The advantages of full resource control and customization come with a higher price tag. Technical Knowledge Requirement: Managing VDS may require technical expertise. This can be challenging for users at the beginner level, often necessitating professional system management. Resource Limitations: Due to not having the full capacity of a physical server, VDS may have certain limitations. This could be insufficient for large-scale projects. Management Responsibility: VDS owners are responsible for server management and security. This requires time and resource management. In conclusion, the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a VDS can vary depending on the user's needs, technical knowledge, and budget. When making this choice, the user's priorities and expectations should be taken into consideration.

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